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Lommarp Cabinet Assembly Hack

I love the Lommarp cabinet with glass doors and would like to put 2 side by side, but the crown molding would leave an awkward gap. Does anyone know if it's possible to assemble without the extra crown molding trim on top? The round bit would be okay...

Shannon by Visitor
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SOMMARFLOX placemat 205.494.37

Hi All! Bought these lovely flexible plastic placemats and I am having such a hard time getting the sticker off! Before I return, do any of you have any suggestions on how to remove them?thank you!

JFW by New Contributor
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Resolved! Signum Cable management system screw choices

I purchased Signum Cable Management rack and want to attach to Lagkaptan Table Top that is 1 3/8 inches thick. The rack instructions are not very clear on whether or not to use just the screws or the plugs and screws. I believe the measurements shown...

CableGuy by New Contributor
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Brimnes TV Stand Drawer wont close final 2 inches

I just built the Brimnes TV stand and omthe centre drawer won't close all the way. It's not the drawer as we can move the drawers to either outside slot and they slide in just fine, it's the center we're having issues with. It goes in the slots, and ...

ascott by New Contributor
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Kivik Chaise Replacement Cushions

We have a Kivik sofa, configured with two chaises, one on each end. One of the chaises that is used the most needs the cushions replaced. They have sagged terribly. The covers are fine, the unit itself is fine, we just need new cushions to put into t...

Khilarie by New Contributor
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Want to escalate a complaint

I want to escalate an issue. I have been waiting for refund for more than 15 days. Please share the escalation contact or let me know how can I raise a complaint?

vinothv by New Contributor
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Enhet Cabinet

HelloI am looking to get the Enhet wall cabinet and would like to know if the Axstad glass door will line up with where the door hinges meet. I am hoping to have glass doors but only want the cabinet to be 12" depth, and the Sektion cabinets are all ...

Rhkikkert by New Contributor
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Resolved! Jättebo yellow-green sofa

The Jättebo sofa is finally in stock but there is no yellow-green cover. I haven't found any info on the green cover for Canada. Having the green sofa be part of IKEA's marketing strategy, it should be available to buy. I'm pretty sure not making it ...

roxanne by New Contributor
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UPPSPEL Sit/stand Misalignment

HiRecently bought the 180cm uppspel set. However, during assembly, I realized that the table top's pre-drilled holes do not align with the holes on the underframe. I have followed the instructions thoroughly and have even gone back to double check. I...