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Issue - New Pax install with Hasvik soft close sliding doors

New Contributor II


Just finished installing a new Pax wardrobe with sliding soft close Hasvik doors. Had a heck of a time getting the inner door mounted. 😫

I find the doors don’t slide effortlessly in the tracks. They are properly installed and cabinet is square and level. 
The stick on brush strip does rub and cause a little friction on the doors as they slide. But the door definitely does not slide with ease. Once the soft close engages it’s fine.

Another issue, when opening the inner door, if pulling anywhere from the middle down to open, the opposite top edge lifts up a little as it slides and top mount bracket catches outer door bracket and doesn’t open. If I open the inner door above the middle mark it slides open without issue.

I have two pax frames of 29 1/2 wide and 93 high. 

Any thoughts? Or is this common and design issue with the Hasvik doors of this size?



Hej! Thank you for being part of the community. I am unable to confirm the exact root cause of the issue you are experiencing. However, based on your description, I believe that there might be a defect with the doors. With that, I recommend having the doors exchanged. If your purchase was made online, you can contact us at 1-866-866-IKEA (4532) for assistance. Thank you for your understanding.

Me again! You can look into the following videos before going in for an exchange:

IKEA PAX sliding doors soft close instructions - YouTube

Ikea pax sliding doors problems/ Ikea pax wardrobe sliding door alignment/ Ikea doors stuck together...

Keep me posted if it works! 

New Contributor II

I had seen those exact videos. Watched a few of them from this channel. Very informative. 

Not quite the issue I’m having. Doors are lined up in proper channel just seems like there is a little too much friction between the two doors and requires a little more force to open and close. Definitely not a two finger nudge, more like a firm push with your hand. 

Thank you for clarifying. In such instances, I recommend having the doors exchanged. You can contact us at 1-866-866-IKEA (4532) for assistance. Thank you for your understanding.

New Contributor II

Thanks. I think it may be improving.

one thing I did which could have helped is I secured it to drywall with steel anchors. That eliminated any movement in the wardrobe frame when sliding the doors. 

The stick on dust stop could be loosening up a bit too. The adhesive on it isn’t the greatest and the bottom part is already peeling off the door. 

We’re sorry to hear about that, Steph. If the issues worsen over time, we’re always just a message away.