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Subscribe to labels and help each other find what you need

When creating a post, you can choose one or more predefined labels to add to the post. Labels are a great way to keep up with your favourite topics and makes searching for relevant information easier. For all of us!


We recommend you subscribe to the Announcement label on the Welcome board (the one you're on right now) to keep up with the latest community news.

So how do you subscribe to the Announcement label?

Let’s take Announcement as an example.

  1. Go to our Welcome community which you can find here (or any board you have a specific interest in)
  2. Press the label that you want to subscribe to (in this case Announcement)
  3. A box will pop up where you can choose to subscribe to the label



After subscribing, another box will pop up confirming your subscription  😊



Subscribe to topics of interest

Labels have a big effect on search - and, if you like, you can subscribe to a label that interests you. Your profile settings let you manage which posts, boards, or topics you'll be sent, and how often.

It’s super simple to subscribe to a label with a topic of interest. Just go to any board that you have an interest in and follow the same step as with the Announcement label.


Subscribe to a specific board

Interested in a particular furniture group like Malm or Pax? Or want to make sure to keep up with all the games in the social board? No problem! Just click on the black arrow in the top right corner of any board, where you will find a drop down list. Choose Subscribe to be sure to get notifications when something has been posted in the board.



Manage your subscription

To edit your subscriptions, go to your settings by pressing your profile picture in the top right corner and go to My subscriptions.


Here you can edit your subscriptions and the notification settings for your preferences.


Well, that’s the basics about subscribing to labels.

What labels have you subscribed to?  

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