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Community Manager

Ranks and badges - valuing your contributions


Thanks for joining our community. In addition to all the tacks, comments, accepted solutions and tagging that you can do in the community we want to introduce Ranks and Badges. This is a way for new members of the community to easily identify more established members of the community and also ….just a bit of fun for to try and get to the next level.


First up, Badges - our way to recognise when you've passed a milestone in the contributions you've made to the community. They start out easy... but some are really hard to get! See other people's profiles for details!

Next - Ranks

As our ranks (of members) continue to grow … so will the number of ranks you can get but for now we have the following:

  1. Member - Once you create an account everyone starts here. Your next action on the Community will determine your next title. 
  2. Visitor - Once you create an account everyone starts here and log in multiple times you are a visitor.
  3. Contributor - Similar to the previously described ranks, users who enjoy sharing their lessons learned or enjoy creating new topics have these titles. ​
  4. Helper - These users focus their efforts on commenting on existing topics. Over time, as your comments gather likes from other users and are marked as a best answer, your title will evolve with your activity. 

  5. Super Helper - ​Users who have been around for a while and have a proven track record of helping others in the Community. Specifically, these users have a tendency to generate relevant and engaging topics while sharing that knowledge out and racking up a few best answers in the process.

  6. Expert - ​These users have become fixtures in the Community with helpful comments and have in turn, garnered the trust of the Community.

  7. Master - These community members have proven over the years that they not only are knowledgeable by posting the best answers but are willing to share the knowledge by creating topics for the rest of the Community to learn from. 

Roles held by IKEA co-workers & partners

  1. Community Manager - Community Managers are the people who determine the missionand direction of the IKEA Community. They decide how the forum functions and make other important decisions regarding the platform.

  2. Moderator -​ These are IKEA co-workers responsible for curating and moderating content that is posted here. This means making sure topics are placed in the proper forum and ensuring that each post adheres to the terms of the Community. 

  3. IKEA Co-worker - ​This title is given to IKEA co-workers who participate in the Community on their own free time. Just like any other public user, they are not obligated to respond to support queries. 


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