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Sell your IKEA furniture back to us and give it a second life in the Circular Hub ♻️

Maybe you’ve run out of space for your cabinets but feel it's a shame for them to go to waste when there’s so much life left in them. Maybe your new home means you no longer need a bookshelf, your family’s outgrown your current dining table or you want to turn the spare room into an office space and no longer need the bed.  

If this souns like you, have you thought about selling your furniture back to IKEA? All you need to do is submit an application at IKEA Sell-back program. If it gets approved, you bring your fully assembled IKEA item to your selected store, along with your IKEA Family card and application code to receive your in-store credit. Then we’ll see your item in the Circular Hub in store or online, giving it a second life with someone else. 


Taking part means someone can give your old furniture another life which is a win for the planet and your wallet. You can get the details on Sell-back online but the first step is working out if your item is eligible so we’ve made a handy checklist to get you started: 

✔️ Are you sure it's from IKEA? You can use the image search tool on our website or a search engine to find out. 

✔️ Is it on the eligible items list? At the moment we don’t accept everything so it's best to check before bringing it to your local store. 

✔️ Is it in good, resellable condition? Think about what you’d be happy to buy. Make sure it’s as it was when you bought it (no modifications or hacks please!), clean and undamaged. A few scratches are fine but it will impact its value as you can see in the terms and conditions. 

✔️ Is your item complete and fully functional? Buyback & Resell is just for furniture, not parts right now. If you have parts or items that need fixing, why not try putting them on an upcycling or resale app instead? 

✔️ Can you return it full assembled? It might sound like a hassle but we need you to bring the item fully assembled so we can easily see all the parts are there and it works as it should.    

Ready to take part and give IKEA furniture a new life? We want to know what you’re bringing back below 👇 

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