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Home Smart products improved your daily life

Talking lamps, electric blinds and shortcut buttons: which Home Smart products have improved your daily life? 


Is there a smart product that makes life at home easier for you? Maybe it’s controlling the lights and blinds with an app. Or a smart gadget you simply can’t imagine doing without. Whatever it is, we’d love to hear all about it here.


To get the ideas flowing, here are four small but mighty heavy-lifters that make all the difference at home.  


#1 Soften the mood 



We love the energy-saving credentials of LED lights. We love them even more when they can be connected up to a smart device. The TRÅDFRI (LED bulb GU10 380 lumen)  can be controlled by a wireless dimmer, the TRÅDFRI motion sensor kit or the TRÅDFRI (Remote control)  (which controls up to 10 LED lights). Nice 




#2 Connect it all with the super-handy TRÅDFRI gateway 



The TRÅDFRI (Gateway) really is a little superstar, connecting IKEA smart products like blinds, speakers, lightbulbs to your phone or tablet via the home smart app store or Google Play  . Not only can you adjust your accessories from a different room, you can save time (and money) by setting timers before you head off on holiday. 


#3 Let there be music. Everywhere!  



Is it a shelf? Is it a speaker? Actually, it’s both! A collaboration between IKEA and Sonos, the SYMFONISK / SYMFONISK (WiFi speaker with bracket) integrates with other Sonos speakers in your home and can be connected and controlled throughout the house.  


#4 Clear the air 


The STARKVIND (Air purifier/additional gas filter) makes gathering indoors with friends and family even easier, and can be adjusted or controlled with the IKEA Home smart app.  


Whats your favourite feature? let us know in the comments below

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