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Resolved! Dishware

Hi there…Ikea used to post whether dishes were lead and cadmium free in the materials and care section of their web site. But with the new update, they don’t anymore. I’ve had to call them about a couple of products which is an arduous process. so my...

David by New Contributor
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Carb 2 Compliant

Does anyone know where I can find a list of which Ikea bedroom dressers are carb 2 compliant.

jojos by New Contributor
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Resolved! Workshop replays?

Hi, I really wanted to see the "Love your Ikea products longer", but missed it due to work. Do they archive workshops anywhere for later viewing?Thanks!

Wordsnob by New Contributor
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Farmers Market

I love these BEVARA (Sealing clip, set of 30) - i have started going to the farmers market and now i just use these to keep my fruit for a bit longer and i dont have to chuck out all those plastic trays

ThorP by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Jall laundry bag

I really love these hampers, they are very easy to use, very practical. I use 4 of them, and had them a good number of years. Then the plastic bag started to deteriorate and eventually broke off around the handles. Remember, this was after a good num...

Anca by New Contributor
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Home Smart products improved your daily life

Talking lamps, electric blinds and shortcut buttons: which Home Smart products have improved your daily life? Is there a smart product that makes life at home easier for you? Maybe it’s controlling the lights and blinds with an app. Or a smart gadget...

scbir1_0-1649443316224.png scbir1_1-1649443693412.png scbir1_2-1649443799861.png scbir1_3-1649427488060.png
scbir1 by Community Manager
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