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Learn Swedish 1

Lär dig svenska med IKEA (Translation: Learn Swedish with IKEA)


We admit it, a lot of our product names can be tricky to pronounce.​ So below is a starter guide to Swedish with a helping hand of a few new words and phrases.

Don't worry native or fluent English speakers will have an easier time learning Swedish than you might with some other languages. 

The Swedish alphabet

Let’s start right at the beginning, Swedish uses the same Latin letters as English, and has the same twenty-six letters, however there are an additional three—å, ä, and ö. These three letters are vowels, along with the letter y. These four in addition to the existing vowels we already know (a, e, i, o , u), Swedish has a total of nine vowels.

Some of the more tricker letters to pronounce are:

H - /hoː/ - eg. hold

J- /jiː/ - eg. pleasure

R - rolled, like in Spanish

Å å - /oː/ - eg. home

Ä ä- /æː/ - eg. air

Ö ö - /øː/ - eg. ultra

Let us know any tips to share in the comments below

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