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You don’t need a home office to work remotely. You just need the right tools…and your imagination 💭

Anybody else still working from the same corner of the kitchen you sat just down in one morning in March 2020? 

A lot of us aren’t using our houses to their full work-from-home potential, and that’s because there’s a myth that you need a big, fancy office to do so.  

You absolutely don’t need a private room with 4 monitor screens and a giant spinning globe to be comfortable and productive. IKEA Interior Design Specialist Laura Watson instead suggests “making little office spaces around your home, and using them dynamically.” 

Whether you’re building a book wall between your bed and desk, or setting up in the garden or kitchen, we want to know how you’re using your imagination to create a working space that’s right for you.  

So tell us your tips in the thread! 

To kick things off, here are a few from Laura: 

🛋 “Set your desk up behind your sofa.” That way you can have all the coziness of working from the living room, and not have to see your work space when you sit down to watch TV.  

To maximize productivity, grab an EILIF (Screen for desk) or an ÖVNING (Desk divider with compartments) to block out any distractions in the room, or invest in a room divider curtain like the VIDGA (Corner room divider), so you can have a private room within a room. 


“Work from your dressing table.” No need for extra furniture. And you can go cam-off for your 9am meeting to brush your hair. Need we say more? 

Dressing tables aren’t the only make-shift desk we can get behind (literally). There are also other genius set up’s, like using an ironing board! Top tip: use a raised item like the  VATTENKAR (Laptop/monitor stand) to make it a standing desk. 


🛒 “Get your hands on a trolley or laptop stand.” You’ll never be tied to one work space again. Take your laptop and files everywhere around the apartment with you. Give BROR (Work bench) or BJÖRKÅSEN (Laptop stand) a whirl. 


Your turn! What do you do to make sure you don’t get tired of your work from home space?  

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