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Try this at home: Four big ideas for small spaces

No space? No problem. We wanted to share three ingenious ideas for giving tiny places a big impact. We know that this community is a trove of know-how when it comes to making the most of a small place, so hit the comments below to tell us your big tips for small homes.


Unify a space with matching colours




Credit: @_susanagreen_


We love the way @_susanagreen_ has used wall decals in complementary colours to tie together this small corner study area.



Colour is your friend




Credit: @aroundour4walls  / Credit: @louwithseaviews


Here @aroundour4walls and @louwithseaviews both prove the power of bold colour in small spaces. For @aroundout4walls, clever wooden accents (from wall to lampshade) draw the eye through this modest hallway, making it appear larger than it actually is *takes notes*. Meanwhile, Lou’s green and toffee palette makes this living room corner so cocooning.


Running out of room? There’s a wall for that.


Murphy beds and folding tables may not be new ideas, but there’s a reason they’re still so popular. Here, Kristina (a woodworker in Lithuania) has made space for a wall-mounted table where it catches the natural light – and used valuable wall space.




Credit: @goodmoodwoods



Wear your passion on your sleeve


Who says you shouldn’t apply your big, warm-hearted vision to even the smallest living area? There are no rules, as summed up by @towngirlcountrygirl, whose personality is stamped all over this home. Maximalism really can live anywhere.




Credit: @towngirlcountrygirl


How have you made a big stamp on a small space? Have tips you think other tiny homers will appreciate? Share them in the comments.


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New Contributor

This seems like great inspiration, I’m going to save these tips for when I move into my new place!