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The art of disassembly


If you’re moving home or just want to move a big piece of furniture between rooms, then you’ll be pleased to hear that IKEA furniture can be disassembled. In fact, we recommend it. Here’s our top tips: 


🧎‍Give yourself space to take your item apart and put something on your floor to protect it, your furniture and your knees. 


👀Follow the assembly manual backwards to disassemble your furniture. It might sound silly but it really does work! If you’ve not kept yours, don’t worry - you can find it on the product page on the IKEA site. 


⚙️Put small parts inside zip lock bags like ISTAD (Resealable bag) and label them with what piece of furniture they belong to. Then keep them somewhere safe and memorable until you need them.


🏷Use masking tape to label larger parts so you know what goes together - use the IKEA name or whatever helps you remember. You might remember what piece of furniture they belong to right now but after moving a household of furniture you might not! 


📦 Protect the furniture with cardboard, dust sheets or bubble wrap to keep it like new. 


If you don’t feel like taking your furniture apart yourself or don’t have the time, TaskRabbit also can do it for you. 


Have you disassembled your IKEA furniture before? We’d love to hear your top tips. 



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