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Share your unique IKEA holiday gift ideas

Having trouble thinking of unique gift ideas this year? We know it can be difficult to find the perfect present for the perfect person and we’re here to help. At IKEA, we value affordability and sustainability and like to keep this in mind when doing holiday shopping. Something that is good for your wallet and the planet makes the best gift! Below are a few unconventional, but practical, gifts that you can find at IKEA this holiday season:

SAXBORGA (Jar with lid and tray, set of 5): These adorable and functional jars can be used in any room in the house. Store cotton swabs in the bathroom, tea bags in the pantry, or sequins in the craft room. Plus, they’re made with cork, a renewable material

STENKOL / LADDA (Battery charger and 4 batteries)STENKOL / LADDA (Battery charger and 4 batteries): Is there someone on your list with an abundance of children’s toys? LADDA rechargeable batteries are a sustainable way to keep those toys singing, dancing, and rolling around all year long.

FÖRNUFTIG (Air purifier): Improved air quality and cleaner air make a great gift. Let someone know you care about their wellbeing with this stylish and versatile air purifier.

You find even more examples here on the IKEA website:
Also noticing that  @lubnaab did a shout out for holiday gifts recommendations in her post here a few weeks ago. Curious to find out if you got any ideas 🙂


Have ideas of your own? Hit ‘reply’ at the bottom of this post to inspire others. Happy gifting!

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