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Resprouting veg and milk bottle watering cans. How do you like to reduce waste at home?

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Obsessed about regrowing spring onions from old scraps? Can’t see a piece of old furniture without imagining an exciting new use for it? This week we’re asking the community: What are your tips and tricks for reducing waste at home?


We know… reducing waste at home can feel futile. We’ve sometimes wondered “how much difference is recycling this really making?” But cutting down waste in small, easy ways has resulted in IKEA’s carbon emissions falling despite record sales (you can read more here.) We think it’s proof that there’s hope! And these leaps forward are something to celebrate. So here’s to regrowing avocados, stirring our compost and finding a curious new use for that milk bottle. We know you’ll have lots of ingenious ideas up your sleeves and we can’t wait to try them, too.





Share your favourite waste-reducing ideas with the community below!


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New Contributor II

I have several different sizes of HÅLLBAR (Bin with lid) under my sink where I can sort out plastics/glass/metal/paper and compost.

I try to use/re-use all parts of my vegetables; regrow scallions (I use the green for cooking and put the bulb part in a glass of water) and gem lettuce (cut them 1-2 inches from the bottom and place it in a glass of water)) and make pesto out of carrot greens.

Those bins are great! You should try adding a reusable #AJÖSS bag for sorting waste like cardboard packaging or plastic! 


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