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Refresh your home this spring

Every year, spring comes around and there’s this sudden urge to refresh our homes with new colors and pieces of furniture. Whether it’s rearranging the furniture in our space or replacing it altogether, there are ways to make our homes feel brand new that are sustainable for the environment and wallet-friendly!




Extending the life of our furniture

It's possible to make our homes look completely different using furniture and textiles we already have! IKEA offers a range of options to refresh dated items such as different sofa covers, as well as oils, paints, and stains for wooden furniture.


IKEA also hosts online workshops that can teach us all about textile care and repair, or how to effectively transform wooden furniture and extend its life (turning a chair into a stool for example) using some simple tools and paint!


If none of these speak to us, there’s also a vast library of IKEA hacks online, transforming used furniture into brand new pieces. All it takes is a simple #IKEAHack google search!






Disposing of our furniture sustainably

If extending the life of our furniture isn’t an option, there are still great ways we can dispose of it. IKEA has partnered with Furniture Bank to offer furniture and mattresses to those who need them most – all we have to do is donate our pieces and IKEA will take care of the rest.


IKEA also has a sell-back program which gives our used IKEA furniture another life and offers us in-store credit to refresh our homes. It’s a win for the planet and a win for our wallets!



Whatever path we choose, there are options available at IKEA. And if we’re ever in doubt, customer service is a quick call away!

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What an awesome little summary of how IKEA can help with a spring refresh! Love it!

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