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Planning the perfect work from home space 🖥

HATTEFJÄLL / Office chairHATTEFJÄLL / Office chair

Our IKEA coworkers know how to make your office space perfect for you! See below for some of our best tips and tricks. 

Get a chair that will have your back

First things first, we want to reassure you that “most customers actually choose to spend more on their chair than the desk.” Because let’s face it, working from kitchen stools has done our posture no favours. And considering one of the best bits about working from home is the comfort of it, we should invest in actually being comfortable.

We recommend our RENBERGET (Swivel chair)it has adjustable tilt tension that allows you to adjust the resistance to suit your movements and weight. The shape of its armrests provides good support and helps you find a good sitting position and you can sit comfortably since the chair is adjustable in height. Plus – it’s easy to clean!

RENBERGET / Swivel chairRENBERGET / Swivel chair

Set the mood with lighting

Lighting your workspace well is crucial. Cold light boosts productivity, but you don’t want it so intense you get a migraine. Likewise, it’s nice to be calm when doing your job, but a light so warm and cozy that you’re drifting off is not ideal either (unless there’s a zoom call you’d quite like to snooze through this afternoon).

Ideally, you’ll want a variety of light types (smart lighting is great for this - you can read a bit more about that here), and light sources in different parts of your workspace.

BRÄDA / Laptop supportBRÄDA / Laptop support

Get yourself a desk with storage

We see Community Members talking about ALEX (Desk) and ALEX (Drawer unit) all the time.

Why is this desk so loved? Probably because of its adaptability! The top unit detaches, same with the drawers, so next time you watch to switch things up, like change the colors, you can do this with ease. It’s also space efficient, and has loads of storage options. Likewise, if you’re working with a really, really small space, the MICKE (Desk)  is a family favorite.

ALEX / Desk / DrawersALEX / Desk / DrawersMICKE / DeskMICKE / Desk

How have you made your work from home space enjoyable? ⬇️

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