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My very own tiny dream appartment!

I've recently moved after a few life changes, and I find myself in a charming (but tiny) half-basement apartment, living in the house my best friend bought.

Well... soon to be charming. I've got a great space to work with, but lots to get done, but I get to do it exactly how I want it! My friend set aside a very fair budget for my bathroom and kitchen, and things are well underway!

Here's the main space as it will be:unknown

Note that some of the furniture are just placeholders, but the layout and sizes are correct.

I've got a Sektion kitchenette currently being assembled to fill the back third of the space, I've designed it for ease-of-use, with distinct clean-up, preperation, and storage areas, making the most efficient one-person kitchen I could.
The cook/prep area features counter-top toaster/oven/airfryer, a countertop induction cooktop, a high-CFM vent-hood, plus plenty of counter space, and storage for my pots, pans, and utensils.
The clean-up area has the biggest sink I could fit (a Hillesjön), a "countertop" dishwasher that will be permanently installed under the sink, plus storage for my cleaning supplies and dishes. To save space, my dish drying rack will tuck in befind the sink, in the corner.

Lastly, my storage area features my compact fridge, my pantry, plus my built-in microwave, and my rice cooker. There's also storage space for appliances that aren't used daily, like my breadmaker and food processor, as well as space to store fresh produce (that can be stored at room temperature). 



My wall unit will also be Sektion, and will serve as modest bookshelf (most of my books are digital now), my wardrobe, and general storage, filling the entire south wall of the living space:



My workspace on the north wall has my Linnmon desk (where I am right now), and will have an Uddabo workbench, and some wall storage in the form of Kungsfors and/or Trofast and/or Skådis. The desk is dominated by my PC (which, lets be honest, is one of the most important part of my space), and Uddabo will house my 3D printer and space for woking on small projects (I've got a workshop-shed outside for bigger projects).



Lastly, is the main living area. Over by the wall unit in the corner is my Fusion dinette set (the Trotten is a placeholder). I sleep on a futon (Shikibuton), so it rolls up and out of the way during the day, and I'm still looking for pieces to complement my sofa and flesh out the rest of the space.
Currently I have my my vintage mid-century sofa, which will be the centrepiece, and a Lack coffee table with a similar-looking (but not Lack) TV bench, both of which are are due for replacement. Currently leaning towards Stockholm for both, but maybe an older (discontinued) medium-brown Listerby for the coffee table? Or something vintage? Not sure.
And not sure what do do about the Loveseat either. Maybe a nice chair instead? 



Whew! That was a lot.
I'll talk about the bathroom another time.

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This looks like a great design! I think you hit the nail on the head. A STOCKHOLM (Coffee table) and STOCKHOLM (TV bench) would give that area the vintage look you're aiming for. I'm kind of invested now 😁Can't wait to see the final results! 

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New Contributor II

you could maybe put a screen at the back of your desk to hide all the cables? #EILIF range?  or#RISÖR

Contributor II

I'm less worried about the cables - it should all be cable-managed nicely with some SIGNUM (Cable management, horizontal) and my monitor arms, and I've got a fairly cable-light setup (just power, monitor, and ethernet cables) thanks to some smart choices in my setup. Plus I don't want to block the view of my lovely windows (one of the  biggest selling points of this space).

But I may consider something folding like the Risör (although Risör itself probably won't fit my look) to hide my whole workspace when I have company over. I'll have to wait and see how much visual clutter there is when things are done.

New Contributor

Instead of the loveseat maybe a chair like the Strandmon and a side table? if you don't need the extra seating it might not be worth taking up the space with a full loveseat. 

Contributor II

Yeah, I'm leaning towards a chair, think. I don't really need the seating, I won't be having more than 1 or 2 people over at a time for the most part.
My original plan had the loveseat being a fold-out platform for my current thick futon (somthing like a LYCKSELE MURBO (Sofabed), but I decided it didn't look right for the asthetic I'm going for, and I actually like sleeping on the floor, so I decided to go with the shikibuton (Japanese Futon) and tatami on the floor, meaning the extra seat can be anything I want.
Funilly enough, my housemate upstairs has a Strandmon she's thinking of getting rid of, but I'm not in love with how it looks.
I'm drawn more to the (now discontinued) Stockholm armchair


To be honest, none of the current Ikea armchairs are super compelling. The 
EKENÄSET (Armchair) is nice looking, but doesn't seem like something to snuggle up in with a good book.


New Contributor

Since you are removing the beige couch and  will have more room, it might be a good idea to look into a kallax bookshelf type thing to separate your workspace and living room. You could also use a room separator that is frosted. This will allow light to come through and keep your space bright. The RISOR would work well, and would be easy to move around when you didn’t want to have it in that spot. The kallax piece is good because it has holes instead of a backing that you can keep open to allow light in but also can fill in certain spots with work or cute home decor pieces (or both). This also creates a separation from work and your personal time. This may keep you from just jumping into work on the weekends or evenings when you have the time and instead spend your off time relaxing in the living room. I agree a side table will look nice beside the armchair. I myself have one that is a side table and can hold blankets and other stuff as a bonus. You could keep your pillows/blankets for visitors in this space so you aren’t taking too much of your main storage in the living area. One option is the KVISTBRO for the side table. Maybe adding a roll around filing cabinet to the work area? It being able to be moved can slow you to change up your workspace when needed. Also it will fit easily under the shelves in the work area instead of wasting that space. The MICKE or the GALANT would work well for this. 


I'm amazed by the details! This does like a dream apartment and I hope to see the final result.

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New Contributor

I don't have much to add other than it looks nice and cozy! Allowing the light to fill the space from the two windows would probably be a good idea, I agree with the person who suggested Kallax shelves to let the light move better 🙂

New Contributor II

I would suggest a cozy chair and ottoman inside of a love seat. I have the Upland chair and love it, and you can pick up two different covers at a good price and change it for the seasons.