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Kallax insert suggestion

Hi. I have a 4x4 Kallax that I use as a room divider. While some display items look nice from either side, I’d love to see an insert than can separate the two sides so you can display something on each side without being able to through to the other side. Something like the single shelf insert, instead of splitting the square vertically so that you have two sides, splitting it in the middle from front to back. Ideally this would be adjustable, not just split in half, so one side could display something deep and the other side something smaller. 

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Thanks so much for reaching out to us about this idea! A KALLAX attachment like this would definitely serve a useful purpose, as you mentioned.

We’ll forward this idea to our product team so we can take a closer look into this! Thank you so much once again for bringing your idea to our attention.

If there’s ever anything else we can help with, just give us a shout!

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