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Easy kitchen organization ideas to try today

We all know what a difference a well-organized space can make to daily life, so we’ve pulled together some of our favourite tips and tricks for arranging, utilising and rethinking one of the busiest rooms of the house, the kitchen.


Credit: @no5sydney


Let’s hang out more

No more room in your kitchen drawers? Hanging rails are a small kitchen’s savior! Hang utensils, baskets, kitchen towels and all sorts of useful


Credit: @agata.lab


Invest in twofers.

When your kitchen is small, it’s useful to buy pieces that double up. @agata.lab’s handy table serves as a table top, drawer space and shelf space.


Credit: @ourgreyishhome


Put it on the shelf

Sometimes the answer is only a shelf away. Installing just a few simple shelves can make space for cups, bottles and accessories.


Credit: @jaysykesmedia


Bottle it all up

Re-used glass bottles and jars make fantastic containers for lentils, porridge or pasta. Always think before you throw away a big, empty jar of pasta sauce if the container could serve you in any way.


We’d love to see how you organise your kitchen space. Share your ideas and photos with the community in the comments to inspire others.


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Does IKEA sell a wooden dish holder like the one show in Small Solutions post? 

New Contributor