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Do you prefer meatballs or plant balls?


IKEA's most famous restaurant meal has to be the IKEA meatballs, but there is a new kid on the block.  With the growing number of plant alternative meals now widely available, IKEA have launched their iconic meal in a plant based form: 

The plant ball, made with pea protein, oats, potatoes, onion and apple, has the taste and juicy bite of the meatball – and the climate footprint is just 4% of the original. HUVUDROLL (Plant balls) 

  • Meal ideas for plant balls here
  • Or if you still love the originals, make your meatballs at home from the recipe here

Let us know which ones you prefer in the comments below

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Hej there! For me, I prefer the HUVUDROLL (Plant balls)! They are absolutely delectable 😋

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For me, it is definitely the plant-based ones! They are delicious, have a mix of flavors, and are perfect for a small meal on the go or a snack between meals. They are so good that they can even be used alone or with spaghetti, or even in a vegetarian taco. What could be better? Oh and apparently: kids love it! Such a great way to make them eat vegetables in a more fun way, don't you think?