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Dead space? No such thing! Show us how you store vertically with a SKADIS board

Have you ever wished your desk clutter could live somewhere else without you having to clear another piece of floorspace? Or, like @17bluehouse, had a whole water tank cupboard that fits nothing except the water tank itself? Or maybe you’ve just got an awkwardly shaped nook under your stairs that’s too tight for a KALLAX (Shelf unit), and too dark for a house plant


All homes have spots that we think are ‘dead space.’ But guess what: a simple, flat wall storage solution like a SKÅDIS (Pegboard) can be one of the most efficient ways to use every inch of space. We’ve seen SKÅDIS (Pegboard) pegboards used in pretty much every room of the house. @17bluehouse used theirs to store cleaning items on the door of that water tank cupboard we mentioned.


From storing your kitchen utensils to making a hallway hub, we want to know how you’re using your SKÅDIS (Pegboard combination). First, we’ll kick things off with some inspiration


🛠 @aliciaeljewellery  has made her pegboard into the most aesthetically pleasing toolbox we’ve ever seen!


Credits: @aliciaeljewellery


🧵 Can you imagine how much of a desk’s surface area all @sewing_hugs’s  sewing equipment would take up? This space efficiency is a work of art.


Credits: @sewing_hugs


🎨No more searching under sofa cushions for loose pens and toys, @mylittlekeepers knows they live on the playroom SKÅDIS (Pegboard combination).


Credits: @mylittlekeepers


🚪Are you the type of person who has to go through the “Keys? Phone? Wallet?” chant when you leave the house? @paulamangan can keep his right by his door to make exits smooth and swift.


Credits: @paulamangan


💐We can count 3 boards in’s working space, and all of them are homes for houseplants. Loving this creativity.




 Every inch of a small kitchen is precious. Look at how much counter space @17bluehouse has saved by storing their knives and kitchen roll on the wall.


Credits: @17bluehouse


Your turn! Tell us (or show us) how you’ve used your SKÅDIS (Pegboard combination).

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