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Blind Corner Cabinet 'hack'


This is something we did when we remodelled our kitchen in 2006.  We installed the blind corner cabinet about 2" lower than the rest, and topped it with granite.  We did this for a couple reasons:  a lower, polished granite surface is great for rolling dough, and the granite also provides a convenient heat-proof landing spot for things coming out of the microwave.  The second photo shows the detail.

If I remember right, we simply made a base by  laying 2x4's on their broad sides, then trimmed down the toekick to fit.  the spacer from the granite surface to the underside of the laminate adjoining it is a piece of cover panel.

When we bought our current house in 2007 (it was a vacation home until our retirement), we realized that the kitchen would lend itself to the same treatment.  We are now here full-time and our IKEA kitchen cabinets have been ordered.  Since the above microwave shelf is no longer available, we are re-creating it.  Below it will be  a lower section, just like the above photo, using again, a blind corner cabinet and a 15" wide base cabinet.  This time, the section will be topped with soapstone.  I've always wanted soapstone counters, but just can't afford them everywhere.

I'll post again when our new kitchen is done!

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Looking forward to see your new kitchen and especially the soap stone counters!  🤗

New Contributor III

Funny you should mention the soapstone...doing a bit of research online, I followed a string of links which led me to learn that it is a **bleep** that is very workable with woodworking tools (which my spouse has a garage/workshop full of, and she has taken a cabinet-making course and makes nice pieces).  So we contacted our supplier (there is a soapstone quarry an hour-and-a-half from here) and enquired about the possibility of a more DIY approach.

As it turns out, getting the soapstone cut to size, with only one face polished, makes it no more expensive than a higher mid-range laminate countertop.  So, we are going with soapstone counters everywhere in the kitchen!!!  I am getting the complete kitchen of my dreams!!!  I'm so excited, I can't believe it.  We've decided to not tell family and friends until the big reveal, so it's been hard for me to contain myself lol

That's such great news!!  😄  Perfect with a spouse that has the knowledge how to do it on her own.
I get that it's hard keeping a secret, but I guess that also means that we're the first to heat about it?  😯

Feel free to share the result with the community later!