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Grand designs? Brilliant details? Big or small we love them all. Share your creations and tell us all how you did it.

The art of disassembly

If you’re moving home or just want to move a big piece of furniture between rooms, then you’ll be pleased to hear that IKEA furniture can be...

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IKEAlice by Moderator

Everyday rituals for a good sleep

We believe in the power of sleep. Getting the right amount of quality shut-eye is vital to be your best the following day. What you do befor...

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IKEAlice by Moderator

All About Lighting 💡☀️💭

How many times have you switched off the ‘big light,’ to turn on a few lamps and candles, and felt like half of your day’s troubles have jus...

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IKEAlice by Moderator

Kallax insert suggestion

Hi. I have a 4x4 Kallax that I use as a room divider. While some display items look nice from either side, I’d love to see an insert than ca...

Ingatorp Dinning Table - White

I accidentally stained my white table with a turmeric drink. Can you advise on how best to clean the stain? What cleaning solutions should I...

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Nkem by New Contributor
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