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Bathroom Update!

For anyone who's been following my tiny apartment progress, my bathroom is making good progress, despite life making it hard. (Previous Post

The scope has changed siginifcantly, with what was originally supposed to be an update and adding a shower to an existing bathroom, instead becoming a full rebuild. Literally part of one wall and few plumbing lines are all that's left of the original at this point.

But progress! The floor is complete with a cork underlayment:


A radiant electric heating pad in front of the shower:


And the tile completed and grouted:


But, of course, you're here for the IKEA!

I've got my classic solid walnut Molger towel bar installed - I actually lucked-out and got it brand new-in package even though it hasn't been made in 15 years - and the two matching sheves sitting on the floor under it.


One of the shelves will go in the shower, and the other will be mounted near the towel bar.

But the real win for me was this:


The classic matching Molger medicine cabinet, also in walnut. Miraculously, it was shipped all the way from Germany to Canada without either mirror breaking! If you've never seen the original Molger medicine cabinet, it's a box with a mirror, with a second mirror on a track, mounted to the front


I've got the cabinet recess-mounted into the wall for a sleeker look.


I've actually wanted on one of these since they were new in the mid 2000's but at the time my bathroom couldn't accomodate one.  Long-term, I'm planning to replace the rear mirror with a 2-way mirror and a smart-mirror upgrade.

Obiously there's still work to do. Some drywall, a bunch of electrical, and of course, the walls will be lined in cedar planks.

And that vanity is temporary too: I'm planning to hack an IVAR (Cabinet) and use it as my vanity.
At some point.
I'll probably turn my attention back to my kitchen renovation first. Watch for an update on that in a couple weeks

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We've been following your renovation posts and your determination is nothing short of amazing! I'm particularly digging the recess-mounted cabinet setup you've got going on - that's going to look amazing when it's all done. I'm looking forward to seeing the final space!

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Thanks so much for sharing your progress with us, @smnc! You've put so much thought and effort into creating the perfect space. We can't wait to see the end results - and more updates along the way!

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