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Artwork advice



Hey guys, 


I am about to get my first home and i need some artwork ideas - people always make fun of how bare my walls are. Does anyone have any good ideas for good prints or places to get artwork - i know that ikea has BILD (Poster) - has anyone got any favourites??? 


Thanks from someone utterly lacking in interior design skills 😄

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Congratulations on your first home! I'm not much of an interior designer myself but I love this BJÖRKSTA (Picture) frame. You could also put it up without the frame, if you prefer.

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You can use some of the fabrics from  Ikea like #VÅRMÄTARE to create your own art and frame it with RIBBA (Frame) 

fabric for sewing - Search - IKEA

I love this idea!

And when you want a change, you can just change the fabric in the frame!

So much easier than changing wallpaper!

Thanks for the idea!


Congrats on your first home! I've always been a fan of soft colours so I have to recommend this BILD (Poster). If you manage to find some artwork, you can also frame them.

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I've used a few RIBBA (Frame) to hold some nicer posters (concerts and the like), and also have a KNOPPÄNG (Frame with poster, set of 😎 that I just need to find some time to choose some photos to print.


Another idea could be things like MOSSLANDA (Picture ledge) or some of the various BERGSHULT / RAMSHULT (Wall shelf)  permutations to use the walls as either some vertical storage or expand your decorating ability to three dimensions.

Those are good ideas! I also use the RIBBA (Frame)  for some of my anime posters.

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The artist Shepard Fairey has some artwork available free on his website. MAKE ART NOT WAR. free for personal use only.