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Need to clear the air? Maybe a STARKVIND purifier could help refresh your home.


When the weather’s cold or wet, the last thing we fancy doing is opening a window to let fresh air into our homes. Bbrrrr! 🥶 

But keeping the air in our home clean and fresh is key to reducing allergens, pollen and particles that float around our airspace all day long. If opening up your windows just won’t do, the trusty STARKVIND (Air purifier) range can help.


STARKVIND (Table with air purifier) air purifiers filter the air from dust, pollen and other airborne allergens in rooms up to 20 square metres. They’re simple to maintain, feature five different settings, and are cleverly designed to conceal their power cable. (See it running up the leg below?)


Speaking of which, they blend seamlessly into your home. Like this one below that doubles as a coffee table.


The STARKVIND (2-piece filter set) #filters are simple and straightforward to replace - an LED indicator illuminates when it is time to check your filters and possibly replace them. And if you add your air purifier to your #DIRIGERA hub, you’ll be able to monitor your air quality as well as explore the different functions and features a smart home has to offe


Want to know more about purifying the air in your home? Read about the STARKVIND range here.


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