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Benefits of a smart home

A smart home can make your life so much easier. Actually, you might not even have to think at all. Things just happen! You set it up and let the magic unfold.

Some key benefits are: 

  • You can start small and let it grow with your needs!
  • Automating your daily routines by setting up music when you want it, the air purifier to run when you need it most, and even your blinds to follow your wake up and bedtime routines
  • Flexibility with lighting by setting up and adjusting the lights according to whether you are cooking a tasty dinner, watching a good movie, enjoying a wine evening with friends, or perhaps working towards a sharp deadline
  • Creating a feeling of safety when in the dark with the use of motion sensors to trigger lights
  • Allows for turning on small home appliances from a distance. How cool is it to be able to have fresh morning coffee ready before you’ve even left your bed! Read more about that here
  • Including your family or those who live with you in setting up your home in the way that suits everyone and that everyone has access to
  • Supports your lazy day in the sofa by controlling lights through the IKEA Home smart app
  • Peace of mind when leaving the house knowing that all outlets can be shut off with the click of a button

You will have a home that runs seamlessly and that is designed for you, by you!

What is the key benefit of your smart home?


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