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Did you know that cooking has never been smarter?

Do you LOVE to cook, or does it feel more like a chore? Either way, how about creating the perfect preconditions to make your cooking experience the best it can be! Whether that is by: Setting up the ideal atmosphere for cooking with the help of your...


Symfoniks remote

I can get the Dirigera hub to recognize remote or red light on remote won’t turn on. I want to use with my Symfoniks speakers

Finn by New Contributor
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Benefits of a smart home

A smart home can make your life so much easier. Actually, you might not even have to think at all. Things just happen! You set it up and let the magic unfold.Some key benefits are: You can start small and let it grow with your needs!Automating your d...

IKEAlice by Moderator
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Par38 size smart bulbs

I would really like to replace my bulbs in my kitchen with smart bulbs. Anyone have insight into when Ikea may produce a PAR38 smart bulb?

Mephisto by New Contributor
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Cellular blind and Dirigera hub , how to add the remote

Hello,I bought 2x Cellular blind Praktlysing and Hub Dirigera, everything is working well , with Ikea app , Siri ( HomeKit ) and also Alexa.My problem is I can't synchronize both Ikea APP and remote ( include with the blind ) . It's either the APP or...

Gbelle by New Contributor
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Styrbar Remote

I’m trying to pair a #Styrbarremote to a TRÅDFRI (Driver for wireless control) to turn MITTLED (LED kitchen cntrtp lighting strip) under counter lights on and off. When I push the pairing button (following all the directions) sometimes the red light ...

Alicat by New Contributor
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Tradfri doesn't work

I have a floor lamp with a disc-shaped remote lighting switch that I think is what you call a tradfri, though I don't see anything like it in your website product info. Anyhow it worked fine for a couple of years but has stopped working lately. Chang...

Stu by New Contributor
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Did you know that you can now create even more magic at home?

How to create magic you ask?With our brand new DIRIGERA hub for smart products and IKEA Home smart app! ❤️With DIRIGERA, you can easily connect and control everything from lamps and blinds to speakers and air purifiers directly from the IKEA Home sma...

IKEAlice by Moderator
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Resolved! NYMÅNE Colour Temperature Adjustment

I just got the NYMÅNE LED pendant lamp and the instructions say the colour temperature can be switched: "The colour temperature can be switched between 2200K (warmglow), 2700K (warm white) and 4000K (cool white)". How do I adjust colour temperature? ...

dome_node by New Contributor
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Home Smart question?...ask here

Welcome to the IKEA Home Smart board where you can discuss new products, share your wealth of knowledge and experience including setup guides, troubleshooting and queries. Here are a few helpful links in our IKEA Wiki board or pop your question in th...

scbir1 by Community Manager
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