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Shipping Boaxel Brackets

I have a large order of Boaxel products still being shipped. At time of order the brackets were out of stock. They are now in stock but not available for delivery. The closest Ikea is a 9 hour drive away!! How can I get the brackets??

FarAway by New Contributor
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Why no delivery combination?

Why are we unable to combine separate orders that are scheduled to deliver at the same time on the same day to the same address? Especially for those of us farther out (2 hrs) where delivery availability is spotty and with stock availability also unp...

micronoms by New Contributor
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What is the reason for home delivery, or not?

I have been looking to order some more (lighting in this case) for home, my nearest store is 4 hours away and I am opting for home delivery.What is the criteria IKEA is using to determine that this light is available and this one isn't? I notice it s...

Thriving by New Contributor
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Hi It’s long time that I’m looking for 4 pieces of this product  LOMVIKEN Frame, black, 24x35 ¾ " (61x91 cm)$32.99)but I can’t find all in one order in my location for delivery or click and collect for pick up .I will be appreciate if you find me s...

Iman by New Contributor
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Delivery and scheduling issues

Has anyone else had issues with deliveries where they've had to reschedule multiple times?We ordered kitchen cabinets and set a delivery date for Oct 12. The same day I got an email saying that some of the items weren't available and that we had to r...

rg by New Contributor
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