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KALLAX Insert Design Flaw Problem

I purchased an IKEA Kallax unit (1x4) assembled it and secured it to the wall as recommended using the hardware provided (plus my own wall fasteners. I also bought a couple of doors to put on the unit however, the section that has the wall fasteners ...

MT by New Contributor
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Haugsvär mattress - correct orientation?

I recently purchased the Haugsvär mattress ( in queen size, medium firm.I noticed in the product details it states "Designed to be used on one side only – no need ...

Neofelis by New Contributor
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TRÅDFRI Wireless motion sensor for outdoor use

Hello folks,Any idea if I can use TRÅDFRI Wireless motion sensor for outdoor use. in short, I want my porch lights to turn on when someone is walking in or out.. not sure if it may be able operate in Canadian winter?

ritz by New Contributor
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TRADFRI with ceiling light on existing dimmer switch?

Question in short:Do TRIDFRI smart bulbs work in fixtures attached to existing dimmer switch?Context:I purchased 4 TRIDFRI (604.897.52) bulbs for my bedroom and office because I LOVE the light the bulbs cast. My room looks significantly better with t...

Kate1985 by New Contributor
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ALEX Drawer max load

Hi there,Does anyone know what is the max load capacity for the ALEX drawer unit?Thanks for the help!

welpo by New Contributor
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Resolved! Brimnes bed with luroy slats gets so dirty

Bought brimnes bedframe with luroy slats and love it. Put all bedding and other stuff we have never had space for in the drawers below, but then a few weeks later, open it up to use som, and it's all filthy on top. We have pets and children and it's ...

hemnes daybed

does the pull out bed extension for the hemnes day bed work on carpet?

CB by New Contributor
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Loveseat & Sofas - Broken Springs / Arms

Have purchased a number of IKEA loveseats / sofas over the years. They look good and the material tends to wear well but I have noticed that they seem to not hold up very well over more than a few years in any points of stress (i.e. seat / arms). We ...

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RPeacock by New Contributor
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#AURDALCan the AURDAL side panels be cut down to be shorter in height?Understanding that the height of the unit is 87" heigh (with the legs). My closet is 83.5" high. Having not seen the actual product in person i ask the question to the group. If i ...

Resolved! Can you stick a magnet to the KONCIS roasting pan?

We recently switched from a gas cooktop to induction, and this Christmas I learned that our roasting trays need to be induction compatible too - like our pots and pans. Making a sauce with the pan drippings can mean deglazing with a liquid on the coo...

kes by New Contributor
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Delivery schedules

Hi there, I purchased few items when I went to ikea store. And requested a delivery for these items as I don't drive. Guys at delivery service scheduled it for 9-13 but all products were split into 3 orders, so now I needed to book elevator I my apar...

Minashu by New Contributor
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Tokabo doesn't sit right

Recently bought the Tokabo lamp and can't seem to put it together properly. It's strange because it has just two parts, but we can't understand the images in the "how to" page, about how it should fit together, and the inside lamp part sits below the...

brackety by New Contributor
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