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Installing Ivar drawer in Ivar cabinet?

Is it possible to install an IVAR (Drawer) into an IVAR (Cabinet) (of the same dimensions)? I want to create a sideboard/buffet out of two I...

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mjd22 by New Contributor

Ställ Shoe Cabinet

The baseboard clearance on the product page is listed as 3 1/8” and I’m wondering if there is anyway to increase this clearance? My baseboar...

Two sizes of Henriksdal chairs?

I recently notice there might have been two sizes of Henriksdal dining chairs. Google search gave some clues from website other than IKEA:HE...

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RJ by New Contributor

Aurdal Closet System

I am trying to figure out the height of the leg on the side panel of the Aurdal Closet System. I have a 9 inch baseboard and don't want to h...

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Sherri by New Contributor

Enhet Cabinet

HelloI am looking to get the Enhet wall cabinet and would like to know if the Axstad glass door will line up with where the door hinges meet...

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Rhkikkert by New Contributor

UPPSPEL Sit/stand Misalignment

HiRecently bought the 180cm uppspel set. However, during assembly, I realized that the table top's pre-drilled holes do not align with the h...

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