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How to reapply stain onto wood table

Hi there,We recently bought an Askholmen table (ASKHOLMEN Table, extérieur, pliant teinté brun clair, 235/8x243/8" (60x62 cm) - IKEA CA).I accidently removed the dark brown stain by scrubbing it with a scouring pad. My intention was to remove a water...

Careless by New Contributor
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Mounting rails for kitchen cabinets?

I bought several cabinets a couple of months ago, and plan to install this weekend. However, I keep seeing comments about needing mounting rails. The boxes are 160km from me, and thus this weekend, I will be 160km from an Ikea store.The docs I find a...

Will the pink hemlagad pots be coming back in stock?

they were in stock a few months ago and i went to buy, but they’ve disappeared almost everywhere? it was a part of a 2022 collection, so i don’t know why they are already gone. i was told earlier there have been supply issues, but would that warrant ...

Ajones by New Contributor
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Resolved! LILLÅSEN drawer knobs replacement

I would like to replace the drawer knobs on my LILLASEN desk but I do not see them available to order as spare parts nor in the IKEA knobs section. Any suggestions?Thanks

Mitsi by New Contributor
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Resolved! re: BRUSALI TV bench

I would like to know the dimensions of the box for the BRUSALI TV bench and the estimated weight. They practically punish disabled people and people without cars. Though Pinguin Pickup is a nice idea, stupidly none of their locations is right by a pu...

Blue_Dawg by New Contributor
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Porcelain repair?

My plumber scratched my new Odensvik (white) sink. Anyone able to suggest a product that is an exact match to repair the scratch?Thanks.

Navlinge electric cord

Hello anybody knows where can i find the electric cord for the navlinge floor lamp ? My bunny chewed the cord ;(

Martine by New Contributor
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Kallax/Lagkapten/Alex Combo

Hello,I was wondering if it's possible to make a desk with these components:- Kallax shelf unit (vertical w/3 cubes - 112cmx147cm)- Lagkapten connected to Kallax (159cm long)- Alex drawer unit as other leg (36cmx70cm)I've seen on the website the kall...

Katanna by New Contributor
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unit 604.735.48

The drawers dont fit. what did I do wrong ? Help

dd by New Contributor
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Billy Bookcase Doors

Hi, Are there any full length (79 1/2”) white, high gloss doors to fit a Billy bookcase (79 1/2” tall)? Thank you

Kay99 by New Contributor
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  HelloAnyone knows what items I should buy for this banquette?? thank you

25878BE4-ED65-459C-A06E-7B72F893735C.jpeg 60088FE1-4E6E-453F-B0BC-E276189030E7.jpeg
Van by New Contributor
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