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Mullfjallet desk chair

Can I attach the LÅNGFJÄLL (Pair of armrests) to the MULLFJÄLLET (Conference chair with casters) ? Will the armrests come with the bolts or screws needed? Also, does the chair come with another option for the feet, i.e. not on castors?

Anngie by New Contributor
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Want to restock item in Ikea Nirth York

there is one in stock of the melltorp tabletop in the website. So, I visited 3 times and went to the designated location, but I couldn't find the product. I asked the staff and they said they hadn't seen it in a few days and couldn't find it. It is r...

Alex Drawer Swap/Buy Just a Large Drawer

I like to convert an Alex drawers unit from I buy just the larger drawer by itself from Ikea?Is this conv...

kt_ikea by New Contributor
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Resolved! Difference between Timmerviken and Lappviken?

I am thinking of buying a Besta storage combination with doors and am curious what is the difference between the Lappviken/Stubbarp (992.098.21) and Timmerviken/Stubbarp (293.027.33) other than the $20 price difference?

tifteece by New Contributor
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Morabo Ottoman

When will Morabo Ottoman be back in stock? Not looking for similar items, only this specific model.thanks.

BFernal by New Contributor
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Hey - I recently bought the LYCKSELE LÖVÅS futon mattress, thinking it would fit a regular futon frame that I had. Unfortunately, this new mattress bends on the short end and won't work for the frame I have. Does anyone know if it's possible to purch...

Julie247 by New Contributor
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Drawer front out of stock since May

Hi I ordered a full kitchen in may 2022 and I actually recieved everything but 3 items within 2-3 weeks. I’ve been waiting for the vedhamn 36x10 drawer fronts since may and no one can tell me exactly why it is still out of stock while all other side ...

Agychan by New Contributor
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Stockholm floor lamp GU10 bulb

I have a Stockholm floor lamp that has a reading spotlight. The bulb that came with it originally says it is a GU10 bulb but although the base is the same as GU10, the size and shape of the bulb is larger than the GU10 bulbs sold anywhere, including ...

Mxmom by New Contributor
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Bed frame model

  I would like to identify which ikea model my bed frame is. It is a full or double size. It was purchased in 2021 as part of a back to school sale in Canada, and was $150 at the time. I have attached photos of it. Thank you!

99265349-B257-4198-884E-CA8C4439AACC.jpeg 9311986B-59B7-486B-A3A3-B7584353C232.jpeg
kdunkle14 by New Contributor
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