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Kitchen cabinet 15x15x15 is not available on the website

Hi. I am looking for sektion wall cabinet with dimension 15x15x15 but it's not available on the website. It was available in the brochure that I got around 2019. Is this cabinet size discontinued or it is just out of stock? Thanks.

eldee by New Contributor II
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Slattum bed frame

Can anyone tell me how to get my metal Slattum bed frame to stop squeaking without having to tighten the screws every single time it is used?! Technical help was no help at all!

Squeaker by New Contributor
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Starkvind convert from table

I have the Starkvind in table top form, and would like to convert it to the floor stand version. Would IKEA be able to help me here? I tried to look up the part numbers and none of them are available.

roro by New Contributor
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Arewhites the same?

Are white colours the same white across product lines? i.e. is the "Billy" white the same white as the white "Lagkapten" and the white "eket". I want to put all of the products in the same built in but am concerned that they will have slight colour d...

Desk Chair LÅNGFJÄLL Artical #692.525.14

I bought this chair last week with Steady legs ( cuz no legs with rolls available at that time). Now, I saw there is the rolled legs (the bottom part). But I don't know how to just exchange the bottom part. I tried to use Live Chat/ call without succ...

Ecco by New Contributor
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Smastad Hinges Help

Hi,we bought a used Smastad wardrobe/ pax system. It came with drawers and shelves. We wanted to add the Smastad doors 60cm to be added as well. we bought the hjalpa hinges. When putting them on we noticed that the screwed would not go in the bottom ...

8d10e08ed09bc7d6217f4440e1dd280f.jpg 8d10e08ed09bc7d6217f4440e1dd280f.jpg
Tori by New Contributor
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Raskog cart dimensions not matching the box

I bought an sealed in-the-box Raskog cart secondhand. The dimensions on the outside of the box are listed as 13 3/4 × 17 3/4 × 30 x 3/4. When I pull out the top rack to start assembly, I check to see if my Instant Pot fits. It doesn't, because it onl...

8f701729247f2214d1432f8a16a6c603.jpg fc60220f37bc82ee12a3e2e4f511cc25.jpg
KGoose by New Contributor
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96cm Oversidan does not work!

I have two 96cm Oversidan lightning strips installed in my Pax wardrobes. In both lights, only the left sensor seems to work. The right sensor does not trigger the light to turn on or off. For example if I open the right side door, the light does not...

hhrahman by New Contributor II
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