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Resolved! Hourglass Time

Does anybody know how long the hourglasses run? I see IKEA offers a number of them, yet so far I haven't seen any of them say how long they last, just how big they are. I'm looking for a 1 hour hourglass (yes I know the word hourglass implies 1 hour,...

nats3321 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Morabo footstool out of stock - Calgary

Hello, I’ve been trying to get the Morabo footstool in light green from either the Calgary or Edmonton location for almost a year, but it’s been out of stock ever since. It seems like most of other Canadian locations don’t have it either. Any idea wh...

Resolved! Orfjall chair wheel inserts

I bought a few of the Orfjall office chairs for my office and I'm having issues with the wheel inserts. The plastic inserts that the wheel is attached to continues to slide out of the chair legs and turns my wheels sideways and at this point they are...

Timothy by New Contributor
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Mattress cover strink up

I bought the Sultan Mattress a while ago, I wanted to wash the cover and now it got all strinked up. Can someone help me with this issue? Thanks

Karlby Island Countertop

We purchased the Karlby Island Countertop in walnut and it is beautiful, but we had to cut is shorter to fit our specific need (cut it down to 70" from 74"). The included edge pieces for finishing the cut side were only 26" in length (I suspect they ...

Resolved! Bunk bed accessory

Good afternoon many of the bunk beds are shown with a blue storage pocket that fits over the rails/frame. I cannot find this. Does anyone know the proper name for it I can search it out?thank you!

MelRoo by New Contributor
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Resolved! RANARP floor lamp + TRADFRI remote control kit

The web site specifies that the floor lamp needs to be completed with the remote control kit + light bulb combo. I am trying to understand how the remote control unit works with the lamp. I plan to use the lamp with a 3rd party grow light to light ho...

Ross by New Contributor
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Smastad Clothes Rail for the Closet

I've bought the Smastad Loft bed in stages. Now I'm getting the closet doors and the Skubb clothes organizer. What clothes rail/rod fits the Smastad Loft Bed closet, so I can hang the Skubb clothes organizer from it? The width of the closet is 22 inc...

Blair by New Contributor
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Armchair covers

I've got a beloved chair and cover from many years back. I'm trying to find out if there's a replacement cover for this chair since it seems to be discontinued. Tag says Barkaby. Code is 000.473.90I need a new cover for the chair and the storage foot...