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Varmblixt donut lamp sold out already?

Has the VARMBLIXT LED table/wall lamp, orange glass/round sold out already or has it not arrived in stores yet? where's the donut lamp!

Laundry Room Cabinet Stock

It seems all of the items in the laundry room cabinet section, the Enhet line are out of stock online or in stores. Does anyone know when was the last time these items were in stock or how often they come back into stock? We are looking to have cabin...

beav by New Contributor
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Resolved! Curtain length

Did the curtains used to come in 118” length? Will Ikea be bringing these back does anyone know? I’m looking for Ritva , Silverloon, or Hilja in 118” length? Im tempted to drive to US to purchase. But they are way more $$ plus I need to add in conver...

KA by New Contributor
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Resolved! Sanela Curtains

Will the Sanela Velvet curtains ever be restocked in BLACK? I’ve been patiently waiting… (I need 3 more packages!)

HardyLife by New Contributor
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Let’s talk about stock availability

Stock not being available has been a hot topic in our community so we want to explain to @Neh01 , @mooredb , @Ajones and anyone else that’s had questions, what’s going on with stock. Various global events from the pandemic to the war in Ukraine have ...

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IKEAlice by Moderator
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Ställ shoe cabinet

Hello! The Ställ shoe cabinet is listed as a ‘now or never’ item and is also out of stock in Ottawa. That said, I noticed that it still has the ‘notify me’ when back in stock feature… Does this mean it is likely to come back in Ottawa to sell off rem...

Resolved! The tiny desks in the Bekant product photos anyone know anything about these? Are they a discontinued product? All of the adjustable desks are SO big, and something...

Lx by New Contributor
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Resolved! Stockholm sofa on the way out?

I have been saving for a leather Stockholm sofa, but see they are out of stock everywhere. Does that mean it’s a “now or never” situation? Or will it come back under a new name?

LemonTart by New Contributor
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Idanäs upholstered storage bed, Gunnared dark gray

Good morning,My wife and I were recently at an IKEA and saw the Idanäs upholstered storage bed, Gunnared dark gray in Queen size. If it were king, we would have bought it then and there. Has anyone heard any news on whether it’ll come out in King? Th...

S_Simpson by New Contributor II
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Finnala sofa chaise

I am wondering when Finnala chaise will appear in the catalog again?Why did it dissapear only in Canada as US and Mexico stores have it?In the store they told us that it is "temporary" discontinued.