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Kitchen Planner

Does anyone else absolutely DETEST the new kitchen planner? It is absolutely NOT user friendly. I used to use the old version frequently flawlessly. I was so happy they brought back the older version but it was only temporary until September 30. It e...

scorpio by New Contributor
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Slattum bed frame

Can anyone tell me how to get my metal Slattum bed frame to stop squeaking without having to tighten the screws every single time it is used?! Technical help was no help at all!

Squeaker by New Contributor
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Arewhites the same?

Are white colours the same white across product lines? i.e. is the "Billy" white the same white as the white "Lagkapten" and the white "eket". I want to put all of the products in the same built in but am concerned that they will have slight colour d...

Alex Drawer Swap/Buy Just a Large Drawer

I like to convert an Alex drawers unit from I buy just the larger drawer by itself from Ikea?Is this conv...

kt_ikea by New Contributor
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Billy Bookcase Doors

Can you use two Billy Oxberg Doors on one Billy Bookcase? Meaning, I want privacy so I wanted to attach two doors so that there is no view for what is behind. Is it possible? And has anybody tried it?

CCL6T by New Contributor
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Kallax/Lagkapten/Alex Combo

Hello,I was wondering if it's possible to make a desk with these components:- Kallax shelf unit (vertical w/3 cubes - 112cmx147cm)- Lagkapten connected to Kallax (159cm long)- Alex drawer unit as other leg (36cmx70cm)I've seen on the website the kall...

Katanna by New Contributor
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Panel blind track system

Hello!I am trying to find a panel track system for my sliding glass door. I can find it on the US site but not Canadas. Am I mistaken? Or, if it’s not available in Canada, does anyone know why? #VIDGA #VATTENAX

TKT by New Contributor
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Help planning Art Studio

Hi everyone! After much “over-planning,” I am now overwhelmed and not sure how to turn my space into an art studio that includes room for lap top/computer screen/printer.I live in an old war time house from 1939, that has plaster walls.I’m trying to ...

Jax by New Contributor
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Eket wall mounted shelving unit (70x35x70cm)

Can i install 2 eket shelving unit (894.352.21) 70x35x70cm over my desk for additional storage? Similar to the 591.892..12 (175x25x70) combination. Will it be safe and secure? how much weight will t be able to hold at that height? Your guidance and s...