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how to find my kitchen design online

We designed a kitchen in the online design. but now i can't see how to get back into it.I know we have saves it on there as we have gone into it before.Just can't remember how we got in.They don't make it easy to find

josie by New Contributor
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Cylinder replacement for Chair

I bought ikea MILLBERGET chair( ) 3 years ago. Now it is sliding down. It does not hold height. I looked for replacement cylinder part. I was not able to find replacement part ...

RC by New Contributor
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Slattum bed frame

Can anyone tell me how to get my metal Slattum bed frame to stop squeaking without having to tighten the screws every single time it is used?! Technical help was no help at all!

Squeaker by New Contributor
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Resolved! Shipping company used?

Which shipping company moves products to pickup locations? I live 400kms away from an ikea store so flat rate shipping to a pickup location is my cheapest option however if the company used is Day & Ross it'll be less of a hassle for me to buy in per...

Replacement parts - 2 full orders missing

In March 2022, I submitted an order for multiple parts I needed for repairs and to fit second-hand furniture with missing pieces. The order acknowledgement email I received had a link to check the status. As of today (September), still, it's marked a...

OntarioGal by New Contributor II
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Does IKEA bait customers?

After numerous searches online I elected to purchase an IKEA mattress (Mordegal queen size, $319) for my camper van. I went online to check availability at my local IKEA store and there was no stock. But the IKEA website stated stock would be availab...

hover41 by New Contributor
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ISO Myllra changing table

Hi all, I registered for the Myllra crib and change table for my baby shower registry but was only able to get my hand on the crib while visiting another province before both the crib and change table suddenly went discontinued without any warning? I...

Drawer front out of stock since May

Hi I ordered a full kitchen in may 2022 and I actually recieved everything but 3 items within 2-3 weeks. I’ve been waiting for the vedhamn 36x10 drawer fronts since may and no one can tell me exactly why it is still out of stock while all other side ...

Agychan by New Contributor
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Delivery update

My delivery update is stuck on "we are packing your order". The delivery is estimated for today between 9.00am and 5.00pm but the update has not changed. Has anyone encounter this before?

GTL by New Contributor
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Frustration ordering

My daughter and I travelled an hour to the closest Ikea. She found a bed she loved, but not in stock. Stock person right in that dept said they were expected in a couple days and we could order it to be delivered to our home when it was back in stock...

sandyw by New Contributor II
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