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I just assemble the Hemnes nightstand and both drawers are crooked and not aligned. I’m thinking of returning it because I don’t know what to do.

Fanny by New Contributor
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Eket wall mounted shelving unit (70x35x70cm)

Can i install 2 eket shelving unit (894.352.21) 70x35x70cm over my desk for additional storage? Similar to the 591.892..12 (175x25x70) combination. Will it be safe and secure? how much weight will t be able to hold at that height? Your guidance and s...

Kabbarp legs for Eket

Can I install Kapparp legs (meant for Besta) on the Eket four cube unit? There are no pre-drilled holes on the Eket so not sure if doing this will split the wood.

julie12 by New Contributor
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Maximera drawer dimensions

Hello, I’m looking at installing the Maximera slide out drawers.The inside to inside dimension of my cupboard is 15.5” . Would the 15x24 drawers work for me? The frame states it’s 15” but not 100% sure if it would still work.

Peebly by New Contributor
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Resolved! NORRFLY mounting plate

Now that the norrfly has been discontinued, was wondering if anyone knows how I am able to get ahold of the mounting plate for the 55mm variant?

Kallax dowel broke and stuck

So I was putting my #kallax together today. Everything was fine until the end. The short side shelf at the end slid sideways and broke one of the dowels. However one half is still stuck in the size. I've been trying to get it out with pilers on the b...

Ds by New Contributor
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Oversidan LED compatibility with PAX Corner Unit

Does anyone know if the Oversidan LED (604.750.19) is supposed to be compatible with the PAX Corner Unit (303.469.34)?It seems that the sensor on the LED Strip is on the left side of the strip, so a left side PAX Corner unit does not trigger the sens...

mkab8 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Havsta, Cabinet Base, Art. No. 103.886.23

Assembly Instructions, Page 30. Two long screws are shown. They are shown dotted implying that they are not provided, and, indeed, they are not. I assume these screws are needed? Please advise what these screws are and where to get them.

Dolly by New Contributor
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Replacement wall fittings

Moved houses and left the mounting brackets for my HOPPVALS blinds. Anyone know of a replacement option to get the two sets of brackets for 2 blinds?

Deeevon by New Contributor
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pax shelving/drawers w/komplement hinges

I have a pax wardrobe. draws in the bottom half, shelves in the upper half. I go to add the fardal doors w/komplement hinges only to find out the hinges don't fit with the drawers. anyone else have this problem? seems a little ridiculous that the hin...

False drawer front or tip out

HelloDoes anyone know if Ikea carries the hardware to install a false drawer front in front of a sink or to install a tip out. Thanks.

Sapper by New Contributor
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