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Disappear of gift card QR code at email

I got items at store today and went to checkout. However when I open the email to use my gift cards, the QR code cannot show and I am not able to use the gift cards. I checked the balance by entering the Gift Cards and PIN, they are still valid. But,...

wykstenly by New Contributor
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I didn't get a full refund.

Hello, I received a Refund card by email yesterday. I used $200 and $20 gift cards, but only $153.92 returned to me. Can you tell what happened to this? My Invoice total price is $472.61, so I used gift cards for $220 and used credit card $256.51. an...

THLee by New Contributor
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Karlaby does not fold into sofa

I have this sofa/bed for few years. But it always gives me grief when converting from bead to sofa. It could take 20 to 30 tries before it would fold. Today it does not want to fold at all. Already tried several times in the past few days. Very frust...

Kidd by New Contributor
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Resolved! Acheter 8 mais pris que 6

Bonjour, lundi 26 décembre je suis allée à IKEA et j’ai acheté les tablettes à chaussures AURDAL (Shoe shelf) Je pensais en avoir pris 8 mais j’en avais que 6 sur mon chariot et j’en ai payé 8 car j’ai utilisé l’application IKEA pour scanner mes arti...

Pepette by New Contributor
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Missing part

One of the parts of the tea table I ordered was missing.The part number is 120938.Please reply.

Ana7 by New Contributor
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Kitchen design is missing

my kitchen designs are missing without noticing!!! 7 months before I had placed orders with my kitchen designs. the items on the order were only 50% in-store, caused by a supply chain issue when I pick up.Today I want to place another order for the l...

lnzhang by New Contributor
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Resolved! Low Emissions Parking

Hi all, Are hybrids allowed to park in the low emission spot, or is it for plug in hybrids and EVs only?

Icccccc by New Contributor
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NACKANÄS chairs in Canada

Hello everyone,The NACKANÄS line chairs (that complement the NACKANÄS dining tables) have disappeared from the online Canadian Ikea store. They are still showing on the American store (

Candy by New Contributor
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Hi It’s long time that I’m looking for 4 pieces of this product  LOMVIKEN Frame, black, 24x35 ¾ " (61x91 cm)$32.99)but I can’t find all in one order in my location for delivery or click and collect for pick up .I will be appreciate if you find me s...

Iman by New Contributor
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