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Resolved! Shipping

I live in a rural area, the nearest Ikea store is approx a 10+ hour drive away. I have been trying to order some items online to ship to me. I have had no issues before...(almost all my furniture and my complete kitchen cabinets I got shipped to me f...

Toe101 by New Contributor II
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Karlby Island Countertop

We purchased the Karlby Island Countertop in walnut and it is beautiful, but we had to cut is shorter to fit our specific need (cut it down to 70" from 74"). The included edge pieces for finishing the cut side were only 26" in length (I suspect they ...

Resolved! Bunk bed accessory

Good afternoon many of the bunk beds are shown with a blue storage pocket that fits over the rails/frame. I cannot find this. Does anyone know the proper name for it I can search it out?thank you!

MelRoo by New Contributor
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Smastad Clothes Rail for the Closet

I've bought the Smastad Loft bed in stages. Now I'm getting the closet doors and the Skubb clothes organizer. What clothes rail/rod fits the Smastad Loft Bed closet, so I can hang the Skubb clothes organizer from it? The width of the closet is 22 inc...

Blair by New Contributor
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Colour Match Blue-Green Lommarp

Anyone know what the color code for the Blue-Green Lommarp is? Or has anyone has found a very very close paint colour?

Rei by New Contributor
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VESKEN Missing Pieces

The VESKEN that I picked up is missing all four legs and all four toppers.There is no part number, so how do I get the missing pieces sent to me?I can not use the web interface to order the missing parts.VESKEN (Shelf unit)

PSmith by New Contributor
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Resolved! Defective item sent to me

Hi there, I ordered 2 pendant lights and one came with the wrong parts to hang it. The 1 light shade also was defective and I don’t know how to get ahold of IKEA for a refund. im new to ordering online here and have tried many times to find a way to ...

Shana by New Contributor
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Hey there! I hope someone can help me out here lol. My sisters Leivrik bed leg broke on the inside, and I can’t find any replacement parts for the metal rod in the leg specifically. I’ve also looked for the leg itself hoping I can fix it. Am I able t...

Resolved! Assembly Instructions for Old Products?

Hi all. I have an old ALLEBY metal and glass entertainment stand that I've lost the assembly instructions to. This product is no longer available so I'm not able to find the instructions through the product details online. I'm wondering if there is a...

warnesj by New Contributor
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