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Replacement drawer for HEMNES Daybed frame with 3 drawers

Hi,We have a white HEMNES Daybed frame with 3 drawers: HEMNES (Daybed frame with 3 drawers) One of the drawers is completely broken. Does IKEA have the replacement drawer? What is the item number? I couldn't find the item number for the drawer and th...

afshrmo by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Appliance warranty

I bought at IKEA a wall oven # #402.885.75 3 years ago and now is not working. I cannot find the original prove of purchase, but I have the credit card I used to buy it, and I registered the product at Whirlpool as well. Is there any way to take adva...

Parcel Delivery Inquiry

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has ordered any parcel delivery recently, could you share your experience on how long the delivery took compared to the estimated date?I’m located in the Toronto area and am debating if I should get parcel delivery...

Xrvyn by New Contributor
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Resolved! Environmental Waste at Ikea

I want to share an experience I had today. My wife and I went to the Ikea restaurant in Richmond, BC, and we both ordered salmon. The server started serving it on paper plates. I asked him to use reusable plates. He refused. A stack of real plates wa...

Need replacement bolt for POÄNG chair

I have a pair of POÄNG chairs. On one of my chars, a bolt snapped making the chair unusable.This bolt is located at the top of the chair where the arm connects to the back back support. The bolt is about 8cm long and has a large round head with a slo...

aazide by New Contributor
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Budget Sofa

Hey everyone! I'm looking to furnish my new apartment but I don't want to break the bank (thing is already holding on by a thread). Does anyone have any suggestions for a budget couch? The GLOSTAD (Loveseat) is looking like a top contender but I'd lo...

KageKun by New Contributor
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Website & Phone sending me in circles.

I have 3 #HEMNES# bookcases (1 glass door and 2 normal) which have shelves that sometimes fall down because the supports aren't long enough. I went to order parts and found that there is a recall

Jimmyjjj by New Contributor
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Missing parts for the Hauga wardrobe

In the manual the parts numbers are 10047004 10047005 10071304, is the plastic strip that the sliding doors run on. I received the top pieces but not the bottom? What do I do?

Lori by New Contributor
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Resolved! Replacement doors

Hi. I am looking for buy a replacement door for my godmorgon mirror. The front mirror was cracked by my kids, and I just need to replace one door. TIA!

Smash by New Contributor
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Purchase History Discrepancy

I was trying to reconcile my IKEA purchases from last year and noticed that the charges just don't add up. For example I picked up from the store a Kallax unit and some other small items. There was a $20 discrepancy between my subtotal and total amou...

Sadie by New Contributor
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Frame only option for kitchen cabinets

I am trying to complete my kitchen reno creatively during this stock shortage by choosing similarly sized cabinets and modifying them for what I need. There is only 1 x 12" W base cabinet available in brown that I can paint white so I'll substitute w...

SusanT by New Contributor
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