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unavailable products found on ebay

We're trying to install a large number of BOAXEL shelves in our house. We found all the items we need except the brackets. It appears that people buy such small but important parts and sell them for a profit on ebay and other sites. Check this one - ...

Suman by New Contributor II
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Resolved! NORRFLY mounting plate

Now that the norrfly has been discontinued, was wondering if anyone knows how I am able to get ahold of the mounting plate for the 55mm variant?

Hemnes night tables

I purchased two Hemnes 2 drawer (802-426-27) night tables. They were and are great. After a short time we decided we needed the 3 drawer version (104-834-70). I purchased two of these. Everything is fine, however the drawers on the 3 drawer units onl...

confused by New Contributor
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Kallax dowel broke and stuck

So I was putting my #kallax together today. Everything was fine until the end. The short side shelf at the end slid sideways and broke one of the dowels. However one half is still stuck in the size. I've been trying to get it out with pilers on the b...

Ds by New Contributor
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Resolved! How are replacement parts delivered etc

Hello. Can anyone tell me the method of shipping/delivery used for replacement parts (Canada Post, courier etc)?And how do you know if they have shipped out to your address? Is that what "Dispatched" means when you check the status of a replacement p...

grateful1 by New Contributor II
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Third party returns

My sister, who lives in another city, picked up and paid for (using her own credit card) items for me which I now need to return. I have the invoice. I'd like to avoid having to drag her into an Ikea store to make the return (again, two different cit...

MJM by New Contributor
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Resolved! Buyback for unused cupboard pieces

I bought two dividers for cupboards where the refrigerator goes. I decided not to use them. IKEA wouldn't take them back because it was past 365 days. Still in the boxes. They are EDSERUM 402.664.51 dark woodgrain in colour. Winnipeg. I'm wondering i...

Miffed by New Contributor
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Nattjasmin sheets get moldy

Hello,I have an issue concerning the Nattjasmin sheets. They got moldy after storing for some weeks. They were washed with the sanitizing cycle. There is no problems of humidity in my apartment.Somebody had this problem and found the solution?Thanks

Missing keys for Gustav desk (300.701.24)

Hello,I have an old desk. I managed to find it's name in the IKEA 2007 catalog by using its number 300.701.24. It's part of the Gustav series, but i can't find the manual and therefore I can't find the part number of the key to request a replacement....

Missing Refund

I was told my refund for an online purchase was processed May 14. It's been 7 business days but I still haven't received my money back. Any suggestions? There seems to be no real support or contact options at all.

MSharp by New Contributor
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Aurdal Collection has completely disappeared

Hi Community and Ikea,I literally just bought a full Aurdal ward-robe yesterday and now impossible to find it on the website. I'm missing 2 pieces that I was hoping for will get back on stock but now it looks like the collection has disappeared. Some...

Garybet by New Contributor
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