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Does IKEA bait customers?

After numerous searches online I elected to purchase an IKEA mattress (Mordegal queen size, $319) for my camper van. I went online to check availability at my local IKEA store and there was no stock. But the IKEA website stated stock would be availab...

hover41 by New Contributor
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ISO Myllra changing table

Hi all, I registered for the Myllra crib and change table for my baby shower registry but was only able to get my hand on the crib while visiting another province before both the crib and change table suddenly went discontinued without any warning? I...


Hey - I recently bought the LYCKSELE LÖVÅS futon mattress, thinking it would fit a regular futon frame that I had. Unfortunately, this new mattress bends on the short end and won't work for the frame I have. Does anyone know if it's possible to purch...

Julie247 by New Contributor
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Hemnes Tv Bench missing drawers Tops

Spoiler (Highlight to read)So we just got the Hemnes Tv Bench from a friend. It is missing the drawer tops/ shelves that cover the drawer so you can’t see inside them. I wonder if I’d be able to find them somewhere. The whole unit seems useless to me...


Delivery to Newfoundland

I have been trying to place an order now for weeks just to get a message saying the service is temporarily unavailable every time I try. I just spoke with an IKEA agent who informed me that they are no longer shipping to Newfoundland and if i want to...

tsc508 by New Contributor
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Stockholm chair - no replacement part number in manual

We bought two Stockholm chairs from someone and would like to be able to continue assembling them but we ran into a blocker. I ordered replacement parts but this one is missing, and there is no part number in the manual. Is there any way we can get 8...

Missing Stockholm chair part.jpg
Ilona by New Contributor
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goods not received

I received most of my order. But the tape measure was missed to deliver to me. And one POKAL glass was broken. Could any customer service contact me today?

Wenyi by New Contributor
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Delivery update

My delivery update is stuck on "we are packing your order". The delivery is estimated for today between 9.00am and 5.00pm but the update has not changed. Has anyone encounter this before?

GTL by New Contributor
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Kitchen Designs Missing

Does anyone know how to recover saved kitchen designs from the previous planner? All of my designs that are only 5 or 6 months old are now gone?

Dels by New Contributor
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