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Stockholm chair - no replacement part number in manual

We bought two Stockholm chairs from someone and would like to be able to continue assembling them but we ran into a blocker. I ordered replacement parts but this one is missing, and there is no part number in the manual. Is there any way we can get 8...

Missing Stockholm chair part.jpg
Ilona by New Contributor
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goods not received

I received most of my order. But the tape measure was missed to deliver to me. And one POKAL glass was broken. Could any customer service contact me today?

Wenyi by New Contributor
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Delivery update

My delivery update is stuck on "we are packing your order". The delivery is estimated for today between 9.00am and 5.00pm but the update has not changed. Has anyone encounter this before?

GTL by New Contributor
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Kitchen Designs Missing

Does anyone know how to recover saved kitchen designs from the previous planner? All of my designs that are only 5 or 6 months old are now gone?

Dels by New Contributor
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Sekton upper corner cabinet

Just got my corner cabinet up and I have a big white strip where it bits against the next cabinet. Is there a laminate strip to go there?  

jMK by New Contributor
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MALM Desk, black-brown Drawer 55 1/8x25 5/8 "

Hi, I have a Malm desk and I am in need of a replacement drawer. I tried to see if i could buy the drawer itself separately but unfortunately you only sell replacement bolts and screws. The drawer got lost when i was moving and I am hoping you may be...

vc by New Contributor
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unavailable products found on ebay

We're trying to install a large number of BOAXEL shelves in our house. We found all the items we need except the brackets. It appears that people buy such small but important parts and sell them for a profit on ebay and other sites. Check this one - ...

Suman by New Contributor II
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Resolved! NORRFLY mounting plate

Now that the norrfly has been discontinued, was wondering if anyone knows how I am able to get ahold of the mounting plate for the 55mm variant?

Hemnes night tables

I purchased two Hemnes 2 drawer (802-426-27) night tables. They were and are great. After a short time we decided we needed the 3 drawer version (104-834-70). I purchased two of these. Everything is fine, however the drawers on the 3 drawer units onl...

confused by New Contributor
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Kallax dowel broke and stuck

So I was putting my #kallax together today. Everything was fine until the end. The short side shelf at the end slid sideways and broke one of the dowels. However one half is still stuck in the size. I've been trying to get it out with pilers on the b...

Ds by New Contributor
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