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Resolved! Installing MITTLED spotlight in MILSBO cabinet

Hello,I have not been able to find much info on lighting a MILSBO cabinet online as most of it centers around using it as a greenhouse which is not my use case. I'm thinking of installing MITTLED spotlight but would like to confirm how these attach t...

Eddyall by New Contributor II
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How to install hooks

I am trying to install the Skogsviken hooks. When I install them, they are wobbly. Is it about what kind of screw I use? How do I troubleshoot this so they are firmly set?

lcreinsb by New Contributor
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Besta push drawers 304.883.15

I have installed the push-to-open drawer tracks on my Besta cabinet, but I prefer to change them to regular soft-close drawers and install knobs on the drawer faces. Is there a product that is interchangeable with this item (304.883.15)?

FP by New Contributor
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Besta drawers push to open

I have 10 Bestå drawers. 2 drawers do not appear to respond to any adjustments to bring the drawer in or out. Upon further inspection, it appears there are slight differences between when one side "clicks" closed for push to open and the other side. ...

Builder by New Contributor
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Suction cups

I bought corner cubbies for the bathroom that have suction cups that attached to them. The suction cups are not sticking. How do I fix this issue? Feel free to email me at   

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dawnm060 by New Contributor
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Besta Frames & Shelves

I recently installed a Besta frame and shelves to display my record collection. The frame sides began to bow and subsequently collapsed. Can I stop frame sides from bowing by attaching 1x3 wood strips on the back.Thanks

Per4mer by New Contributor
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Teodores chair

I have bought a teodores chair.The back of the chair cracked during my installation. Can you reissue me a seat back

Janey by New Contributor
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Maximera drawer brackets #126888

I mistakenly put both front panel brackets into the drawer before attaching them to the front panel. Can’t get them out..does anyone have any suggestions please?

MS by New Contributor
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Cooktop installation

 Has anyone installed a särklassig cooktop into a granite countertop? We are wondering what people use for a seal or gasket so liquids can’t run under the glass. The instructions don’t mention anything. Thanks community!

Ikeaeva by New Contributor
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