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TYSSEDAL nightstand HELP!

Has anyone put one of these together? I have a question re step 2. When screwing the metal slides for drawes in, the screws don't go all the way in. Is thus normal? Or should screws go all the way to touch metal side?It just seems like the slides are...

CF06 by New Contributor
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OXBERG glass door

Hello!I'm curious.. Does anyone have the dimensions of the glass portion of the Oxberg glass door.Are the two sections, top and bottom, the same dimensions?Has anyone tried to take the glass out of the wooden frame, and how, how hard might that be?

Displayer by New Contributor
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Need help finding the right replacement part

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone might be able to recognize which shelf I have in my garage and which part I would need to be able to install the shelf. These shelves were left behind when we moved in but without the pieces to support the shelves. Appr...

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SeanyJ by New Contributor
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Malm Bedside Drawers will not shut all the way.

There is a pesky gap and I’m not sure how to fix it. Already tried re-assembling the drawers but it didn’t work. Nothing has worked and I’m not sure how to fix it because I cannot see from inside.

Mai by New Contributor
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I am assembling an UPPLAND Loveseat Sofa. The armrest bolt holes don't line up. The 2 in the arm bottom are fine but the one for the back is about an inch out of place.Has anyone else had this problem?Is it a quality control issue?I shouldn't have to...

Rpl2023 by New Contributor
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Billy bookcase connectors

Is there hardware to connect multiple Billy bookcases. Thought they would come w the products but there is only wall anchors. Anyone know? BILLY / OXBERG (Bookcase)

Alliciam by New Contributor
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Suspension rail for ENHET

Hello, Which suspension railing is supposed to be used with the ENHET base cabinets. I don't see one that says it is compatible. Thank you,

Kookie by New Contributor
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kitchen installation

Does anyone have the contact number for the kitchen installation company in western Toronto? Been emailing for 2 weeks and no response. 1800 for Ikea is an endless wait

cestbob by New Contributor
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