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Resolved! 14-3/4" High Cabinet Frames No Longer Available??

I recently installed some SEKTION cabinets in my laundry room and this gave me the confidence to tackle our outdated kitchen.After planning for a couple of months using the SEKTION Kitchen Cabinet size guide found online, I started putting together m...

Jurfie by New Contributor II
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Wood effect brown kitchen cabinets discontinued?

So it looks like the wood effect brown Sektion cabinets are being phased out and I can't get enough to finish my kitchen. The person I talked to at the store said they aren't being replaced and they will only have them in white. Since I was going to ...

MikeD81 by New Contributor
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sektion cabinet

Hi,There are 15x15 cabinet available in brown but not in white. Will be there be a white version of this cabinet in the future?, there are Axstad 15x...

eldee by New Contributor II
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