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Wondering what this bed frame name is and if I can still find parts for it!?

New Contributor


It’s an iron canopy bed frame!
got in the 2000/2005 area ish not sure what year it would be…. Maybe was before in the 90s as I bought off a neighbor when I was younger… Wondering what this bed frame name is and if I can still get parts for it, I believe it’s missing two smaller leg stubs and two smaller iron bars, The screws and bots for it and the end caps to the thicker polls tops!


Two smaller tick polls screw into the one bed frame and the other two on the other one, then the 4 thin polls connect at the top thicker polls to make a canopy but one frame looks to be missing legs that go in to the bottom with holes for a frame base… 




Hej  @Temp! Thanks for asking. That's a fascinating piece you have there! I looked through all of our catalogues from 2000 to 2005 and could not find anything! Regardless, parts for furniture that date back more than a few years would not be available. you can try looking through the IKEA catalogue museum to see if I missed anything!

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