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Wireless control of spotlights

New Contributor

I have purchased 5 MITTLEDLED spotlight, dimmable (504.721.39), two TRÅDFRI Driver for Wireless Control (103.561.89) with their ANSLUTA Intermediate connection cord (601.199.25) and ANSLUTA power supply cord (301.214.11), as well as a TRÅDFRI Wireless Dimmer (104.085.98).  According to your website information, “the wireless dimmer can be used to dim, turn on/off up to 10 light sources - all will behave in the same way”. First, I connected one of the TRÅDFRI Drivers to 3 MITTLEDLED spotlights and synchronized it with the wireless dimmer. The system worked fine. After connecting the second TRÅDFRI Driver to the remaining 2 spotlights, I was not able to use the wireless dimmer to dim the 5 spotlights simultaneously. I tried to repeat the synchronization with both drives at a distance of less that 2”, but I was still unable to control the second driver. What is the procedure for synchronizing the two drivers and the 5 spotlights to work together with a single TRÅDFRI Driver?




Thanks so much for reaching out to us about this. We sincerely apologize for the issues you’ve been facing.

Unfortunately, remote controls can only be paired with one TRÅDFRI driver at a time. If the lights cannot be connected to the same driver, you would need to purchase a new remote control for the other one.

We hope this information helps.

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