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Why no delivery combination?

Why are we unable to combine separate orders that are scheduled to deliver at the same time on the same day to the same address? Especially for those of us farther out (2 hrs) where delivery availability is spotty and with stock availability also unpredictable, it would just make sense. The furniture is probably coming on the same truck anyway, it feels grimy for such a large company to pocket the extra shipping fee especially with it being so expensive to ship so far out.

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Hej  @micronoms, Thanks for asking! We ask that our customers try and place their entire order in one checkout because depending on the time elapsed between orders, our delivery team might have already processed the first order which means we would have to deliver the second order for free. Giving away shipping 100% free means IKEA will bear the full shipping cost from margin, and it can hurt the business unless we charge a premium on our products from customers which is not the case with IKEA. We hope this helps. 

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